Passion. It burns within each one of us. Little did I know, when we cofounded “Student For Cause”, the seeds of my passion for community service were sown in October 2008, when I was just 7 year old.

When reports of a devastating earthquake in South Asia came in October 2008, my parents challenged me to collect donations to help the victims of this natural disaster. My first penny drive barely bought in $10 and I was ready to give up. However, my parents motivated me by offering a match for how much I collected. Fueled by this motivation, I collected $43 over a week and ended up donating $86 to the local charity supporting the earthquake victims.

From that day, I continued to support local charities whenever I could. Moreover, I came to know what I wanted do with my life: help people. Dedicating my life to improve lives of others, along with the sense of community service that I would be doing is very appealing to me and something I believe I was born to do.

Fast forward 7 years, one day I was volunteering at a local elementary school, I asked a student what he wanted the most? To my great surprise, he didn’t answer video games or toys as a typical elementary school kid would, but rather school clothes. Astounded by his response, I decided to do some research on poverty rates in HISD. I was shocked to find out 36.7% of students lived below the poverty line. I was even more bewildered to find out that multiple schools had a student body in which 90% or more were coming from economically disadvantaged families.

These events ignited the combination of my passion for community service with compassion. I began to realize that despite assisting charities supporting economically disadvantaged students, I wasn’t making a long-lasting mark. With my profound passion for community service, I knew I had to do a better job in meeting the wide range of unmet necessities of these fellow students.

Besides continued parental encouragement, my 9th grade teacher was very instrumental in nurturing my dream to initiate a charitable organization to serve economically disadvantaged fellow students.

Motivated to revolutionize aiding these students, my sister and I cofounded this nonprofit organization in 2015.

We can only meet our mission with your support and hope you assist us through our journey to support economically disadvantaged students.